Honor, Valor, Courage


To share the truths of the men who were given the designation, United States Colored Troops, USCT, and the men who later became known as the Buffalo Soldiers.


We want to encourage the acknowledgement and legacy the Buffalo Soldiers in Florida help to secure current and future generations.


It started as a way to deal with a personal tragedy, the death of my mother on my Birthday.  I found an old book she had given me, The Black West by William L. Katz, and encouraged me to Never stop learning.

The Buffalo Soldiers of Central Fla was founded with talks, talks and more talks.  In Feb. of 1993, I met Professor William H. Leckie, Author of “The Buffalo Soldier, a narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West” and got our first recruit, H.L. Williams.

From that point on the Organization has grown to include the Historical narrative of ALL the Black People who have given their lives for the freedom of their people in the United States.   From Estavenico in 1524 to the present. The Buffalo Soldiers of Florida have been dedicated to filling in the blanks of the U.S. story.  Members have traveled the world, from South Africa to Japan, West Point and all over the United States telling and presenting the Untold story of the “Buffalo Soldiers”

Our mission was and continues to be: To make life better for all Americans to know the full, true, and rich stories of the people of our Culture known to All Americans so that we can grow and develop stronger ties as members of our society.

Through the mottos of the 9th and 10th cavalry’s; (9th)  WE Can We Will, (10th) Ready and Forward, we will continue to make this the Greatest Nation in the History of the World.

John Russell, Founder


Top picture is two men on a horse side by side. One is pointing in the distance. Second picture is three men on horses facing the camera.