Programs & Services

We offer our Veteran family a number of resources that are free to them and their families. The Buffalo Soldiers is currently helping our Central Florida Veterans through:

  • Once a week in Lakeland we help facilitate a support group that helps Veterans currently seeking help and get them connected to the services they need. We are available to speak to veteran groups.
  • Support for Veterans in crisis.
  • We have therapeutic programs that help Veterans with PTSD.
  • Guiding Veterans and their families through different VA processes.
  • We are Veteran Mentors in Behavior Court, 10th Judicial Court.    

The Buffalo Soldiers of Florida Inc will speak at your event entertaining your guest with a history of the Buffalo Soldiers. This presentation is best suited for adults.

  • Starting at $250.
  • 1 Hour allotted time.
  • Contact us for more information or for special request.

Buffalo Soldiers Florida Inc. can provide an environment that will utilize horses, chickens, goats, and new environments for intercity and at-risk youth. The purpose is to open their minds to new career goals, gain self-confidence, self-respect, and respect for others.

  • Limited to Polk, Sumter, Hardee, Orange and Highlands counties.
  • We plan for these events to last about an hour.
  • There may be a fee associated with this event.

Attending various history festivals gives the organization a platform to share with the public, the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and other United States Colored Troop Units (USCT).

  • If you would like horses present, the fee is $50 per horse.
  • We ask for donations if you are requesting us to travel more than 50 miles.
  • We plan on attending these events for 4 hours but you may request additional time.

We can provide 2 to 4 horses for a 3 hour period. The riders will be dressed in their uniforms and even carry their units flags.

  • There may be a fee associated with this service depending on the distance we are traveling.

We can present the colors from horseback, post colors, and or retrieve colors. Every ceremony is different and we just need to know which of the 3 options you would like for us to do.

  • These presentations start at $250.
  • We allot 3 hours for these presentations.